This is a blog about art. It’s also about life, and it doesn’t matter if the art presented is imitating life or the other way around.

Actually, the two go hand in hand.

The author discovers art

The author discovers art

Art is a reflection of man’s thoughts and ideas at that moment in time in which it is created. Art also stimulates man’s thoughts and elevates his sense of belonging and purpose. There is a reason why the earliest representations of man are handprints in caves and figurines made from bone, stone, or any other element he could get his hands on. Man has an inborn desire to have meaning – to connect with a higher purpose – to matter. Art fulfills that desire to a point, providing a tangible sense of immortality.

I discovered art at the Prado in Madrid. From that day with sore feet, I have gone on to trod several world-class museums and have a list of others, as well as cathedrals and architectural wonders I am determined to see. I have also become a late-blooming lover of history. It’s man’s history, and it’s not the names and dates I’m interested in, as much as the stream of thought winding its way through time – all the way to the here and now. It’s an unbroken stream, albeit with twists and turns, peaks and valleys. But none of it, not one day of it is unimportant – or uninteresting, at least not to me.

If you want to come along for the ride, I welcome the company!